About Bowerbird

BOWERBIRD INVESTMENTS is a real estate investing group in Southeastern North Carolina, specializing in single family home rentals. Family owned and operated, we believe in providing value to our partners, tenants, and community through quality work and fostering meaningful relationships within our network.

We're available to assist in coordinating your transaction and marketing the property.

LAUREN SCOTT comes from a family network of real estate agents, investors, property managers, and software developers. She began in foreclosures, facilitating sales between lenders and auction bidders. Working with a top producing real estate team, she provides print, digital, and social media real estate marketing through graphic design, video editing, and writing.

Lauren raises 3 daughters with her husband/business partner and includes them in operations, teaching the principles of finance, business, and focus through the family business. She hopes to also encourage women, particularly raising children, to build generational wealth.